27 November 2008

26 November 2008


'Running With The Beast' by zZz.
Directed by Roel Wouters.

Melvins/Big Business/Melvins 1983

Got my ticket...can't fucking wait.

24 November 2008

Obey the Plagiarist

After my little rant this morning, here's a little article about the 'artist' Sheperd Fairey.
An interesting read with some interesting references.

Gizza Job

Limited run.
13 prints.
Variable sizes.
Full colour & black/white.
Various paper stocks.
Handmade paper portfolio.
Available on request.
No time wasters.


proof that some (whatever the fuck you call 'em) artists, in an attempt to be edgy and/or subversive manage to reduce powerful imagery to a diluted pseudo-political comedy parody of what they believe to witty, cutting social commentary. Wankers. I hate this kind of shit. 'How can I further anesthetize an apathetic viewing public to this image of cruelty, degradation and human suffering?'. 'I know, I'll stick fucking Mickey ears on it...no-one's ever done that before!!!' No-one except 50% of all those who've ever picked up a stencil and a can of Montana and wondered round the streets on a Wednesday evening hoping that they'll be the next Banky, sorry Blek le Rat. Yawn. I've got an idea...why you go and do an Obama print...a bit like Shepherd Fairey...he got famous for taking images with depth and meaning...turning them black, white and red and stripping them of their context and thus their power.
Sorry, Monday morning.
The guy who did the Guantanamo thing is Colin Suggett...check out his work here...or don't.
But some of his other work is alright.

23 November 2008

NYE Dalston...

Nicked off the FACTION site...cos it's funny.

21 November 2008

Joshua Liner Gallery, NYC

Probably the best gallery in the world...

The Sickness

I wish this was real.


“Prevents conflict. Protects life. Personal actualization. Ultimate privacy. Relieve stress, harassment & negativity while using the VITAL ORBIT® Personal Human Force Field!

Composed of a hip/waist apparatus with 4 inch injectors under self-conducive iron barbells placed in the upper groin wrapping around to the lower-back with simple interface and controls. Worn discreetly under clothes, comfortable & hidden from view! Protects against both organic and inorganic intrusions!

The device channels users own Hydrodynamic activities to project a spherical charge armament against all material bodies and organic compounds. It produces a gentle hum like the murmur of a mother’s heartbeat, indicating the device is in full working condition!”

Ben Robinson, Esq. (a dark horse and member of the recondite family)

Octavio Coleman...Esq, tells us more about his JeJune Institute here.

19 November 2008

Herbert Baglione at Lazarides

Two Broken Knees
Lazarides Gallery www.lazinc.com
Greek Street
November 21 - December 20, 2008

12 November 2008

10 November 2008

09 November 2008

Pieter Hugo - Nollywood

I'm sure alot of you have appreciated Hugo's photographs of the Nigerian 'Hyena Men'.
"In his new body of work, Pieter Hugo explores the multilayered reality of the Nigerian film industry. Nollywood is, surprisingly, the third largest film industry in the world, releasing onto the market between 500 and 1 000 movies each year."
From www.michaelstevenson.com

Faction - 14/11/08

Faction returns on the 14th...should be good. No bands this time, just DJs...problem is: I'm not playing, even though I was the best DJ at D.F.C a couple of months ago. Next time. Jay and Simon, take heed. Anyway, great to see Simon and Katie and most importantly, little L.A.B this weekend. On a slightly different note, found this video on their blog. I like. I've also added the blog to the links list.

Clock DVA - Sound Mirror

The Photography of Joseph Szabo

Listened to Dinosaur Jr's 'Green Mind' today...always loved the cover...this guy took it and more. Have a look here.

RRG Colab on High Snobiety too...

See the full thing here.

05 November 2008

Ulterior Headline PUSH

To buy tickets for their show at Astoria 2 on the 15th November:

Thank Fuck.

04 November 2008

Christian Rex Van Minnen



The U.S of A votes today. He's got to win...right? Or will the 'Bradley Effect' rear it's head and prove the deep seated, institutional racism of middle-America?

03 November 2008

Antony Micallef at the RCA

Until 19th January 2009.
His website is here.

Nietzsche - Death Metal Logo - Finished

The Manga Effect

The track is 'Refuse/Resist' by Sepultura (I think?).
Takes me back.

Appetite For Destruction