23 December 2008

Fuck What You Like

New vid from our boys in NYC, A.R.E Weapons...

21 December 2008

T'other Neet...

Thanks to Kickers and Splendid for hosting a very enjoyable eve...Showcased a Chromeo colab vid with the Nottingham (my home town) boys from Lovebite.

Nice to see a bit of proper stop motion animation in a CGI world.
Also, nice to see that a company with possibly not the coolest image, just doing they're own thing...commendable. And being that Kickers were my very first pair of shows when I was a baby, some twenty-something years ago that's exactly what they should keep doing.
Following on from the 'handmade' aesthetic of the video...a very honourable mention to, sorry forgot his name but the guy who drew the Kicker's World illustration. Food was good too.

19 December 2008


My first foray into remixing is now posted on my website for you to have a listen to. It's for the track 'Anatomy of No Escape' by Micron63 remixed by my good friend and Ulterior member Benn (Diamonds) and myself (Machine17). It's fucking good...better than the original. Click the link at the side to be redirected to the site.

17 December 2008

Raymond Pettibon - New Colour Works

Apologies for posting so many...they're just too fucking good. See some more here.

French For Christmas

Just got these 2 prints for my brother's Christmas pressie. If you don't know French's work, then you should. And at £20 a piece...both screen-prints limited to edition of 20...that's ridiculous. Have a look at his work here. He's got the shop on there too.


Sexy as hell...even sexier with Dia de los muertos face paint (that I drew on).

14 December 2008

R.I.P Bettie

23 April 1923 - 11 December 2008

11 December 2008

NYE's Sorted!

And they're even letting me DJ (as one half of The Brothers Grim, the other being my brother hence the name)...toppers.