22 January 2009

21 January 2009

17 Sins

A couple of photos I took of the new Machine17 collaboration with Original Sins. We've done a pendant too which looks fucking sick. Picture soon. For sales enquiries contact the Haynes agency.

Dogboy Leather Goods

Our new puppy, Dogboy is now available for pre-order from the Haynes agency. Six belts. Fine materials. Handmade in London.

The Rexx (Black)

My Black Heart Zine

Issue Four available soon...with a few photos and drawings from yours truly, alongside new work from its creator Best One and others. Released on Thursday 5th Feb at b Store 24a Savile Row, London with an installation (and a party?) of the work of the contributing artists.

17 January 2009

Tokyo Fixed Gear Prints

Just done a couple for Max at TFG...printed as a short run for the riders and available on www.tokyofixedgear.com soon. Think they'll be pretty cheap, so grab one (or two) quick.

15 January 2009


Some twat nicked one of my new chequebooks while it was en-route to me, then the stupid fucker decided to to write themselves a cheque for £79,960 and cash it. If only prick. And I g0t charged £25 when it bounced. Cheers.

Colab Fixed Gear

I've recently been doing some branding work for a new bicycle company Fourteen. We're also doing a collaboration bike project for the opening of the shop. It's going to be filthy...no details just yet but I think it should be ready for mid-February.

09 January 2009