29 April 2009



Our boys in NYC, A.R.E. Weapons have just released 2 tracks with legend Alan Vega...'See tha' Light' is killer. Buy it here.

Mel Ramos, Girls with Animals 1968-72

27 April 2009

New Camera...

Yashica Mat-124 G medium format TLR.
£72 off the bay.
I'll post the results soon.


26 April 2009

Art For A Dollar

Critically acclaimed tattoo artist, Scott Campbell, recently showed a series of laser-cut etchings, each on a stack of $1 bills. The collection is entitled “Make It Rain”.

He owns Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn. More at scottcampbelltattoo.com

18 April 2009

15 April 2009

Linocut #2

It is a skull.

07 April 2009

Martin d'Orgeval - Touched by Fire

On 1 February 2008 at 5.00 a.m., a fire ripped through Deyrolle, the famous old entomology and taxidermy store in the heart of Paris. Its historic collections of thousands of butterflies and rare insects, stuffed animals and minerals, built up since it opened in 1831, went up in smoke, and with them the memories of generations of schoolchildren, dreamers and enthusiasts fascinated by their motionless beauty. Stuffed, mounted and classified, the specimens of a wide range of species conserved by this world-renowned institution were at best singed and at worst reduced to ashes.