22 June 2009

Industrial Decay

Insanely good photographic blog.


Just completed the first edition of the ED. zine for my friends at Edwin. Proper B&W zine on shitty paper with 44 pages. It's got interviews, book reviews, loads of my photo's, bits and bobs, found images, the whole shebang. Will be available from Edwin stockists, across Europe soon.

10 June 2009

David Lynch Interview Project

"A road trip where people have been found and interviewed." Taking in 20,000 miles across the US, a new film will be up every three days...watch em here.

03 June 2009

02 June 2009

First roll of 120

Not the most interesting load of photographs and my scanner can't do the full size negative...but they are so much nicer than 35mm...more soon.