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Was listening to Houdini a lot today...'Night Goat' is killer...


Just been updating a few sections of the site with some new stuff...

15 September 2009

"The secret of creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
Albert Einstein

Polska! Year

Didn't realise this was going on...but now I do...interesting installation at the Barbican by Robert Kusmirowski.

14 September 2009

Doom Mantia - Electric Wizard

Language bearers, Photographers, Diary makers
You with your memory are dead, frozen
Lost in a present that never stops passing
Here lives the incantation of matter
A language forever.

E. Elias Merhige
Begotten (1990)

Begotten is a 1991 Experimental/horror film, directed and written by E. Elias Merhige.

The film deals heavily with religion and the biblical story of creation. But as Merhige revealed during Q&A sessions, its primary inspiration was a near death experience he had when he was 19, after a car crash. The film features no dialogue, but rather uses harsh and uncompromising images of human pain and suffering to tell it's tale.

The film was shot on black and white reversal film, and every frame rephotographed to achieve it's unique look. The only colors are black and white. There are no half-tones. This is intended to add to the atmosphere of the movie, as sometimes the viewer cannot always make out what it is being shown, but can still infer a sense of suffering. The look of the film has been described as "a Rorschach test for the eye". Merhige said that for each minute of original film, it took up to 10 hours to rephotograph it for the look desired.

Mehrige also revealed in Q&A sessions that he would like this film to be the first of a trilogy. He is experiencing difficulties getting proper funding, and it is unknown if/when the two other films will be made.


Saw the show on Saturday...here's my favourites...

11 September 2009

17 & 6...Soon...

Picture & Words

C'mon Pigs of Western Civilization Eat More Grease

From Ginsberg's last poetry book, Death & Fame (Poems 1993-1997), published in 1999, Harper Collins press.

03 September 2009

Giacomo Brunelli

Some of the strangest and most disturbing photographs of animals I can recall.