31 January 2010

28 January 2010

In the Snow

A rare photograph of me from Apateur...link to the right.


25 January 2010

13 January 2010

"Behind everyone alive today, stand thirty ghosts. For that is the ratio by which the dead outnumber the living. Since the dawn of time, about one hundred billion human beings have walked on this planet. One hundred billion is about the number of stars in our Milky Way galaxy. So this means, for everyone who has ever lived, there could be a star. But of course, stars are suns with planets circling around them. So isn't it an interesting thought that there is enough land in the sky for everyone to have a whole world."

Arthur C. Clarke speaking in 'Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures', 1996

12 January 2010

07 January 2010

ED Zine #2

The latest edition that I put together is available here...